Difference of "Do you have the time?" and "Do you have time?"

  I am going to talk to about two questions. That look and sound very similar but have different answers.

  First,let's look at this question."Doyou have the time?" Do you knou how we answer this question? So, if someone asks you "Do you have the time?", you should give them the time. What time is it? So, you should answer, two-o'clock,thee-thirty, whatever time it is.

  Now, our second question look the same, quite differenr answer.So, let's look. "Do you have time?" Notice here, no "the". Just "Do you have time".Do you know how we would answer this? So, actually, when someone asks thisquestioin, they want to talk to you about something. So they want to know if you're free. If you're not busy, someone asks you,"Do you have time?" You can answer "Yes, what do you want to talk about?" or "No, I'm a liitle busy right now,please talk to me later".

  The reason there's the dfference between these two question is for the first one, "the time" is asking for an exact, specific time. So, "what time is it?". But,"Do you have time?" no"the". It's amore general "Do you have any free time?". So, even though these two question sound the same, we have to be very careful when we answer them. Well, I hope this was very useful for you. And I hope it can help you when you speak with a foreign person in the future.



6/19 23:01