Reading Books

 What the skills required for a university student is? Knowledge? Vocabulary? Skills to reading? Skills to understanding? or Skills to communicating? There are various skills, but I think that those who are especially interested in reading books(reading) are doing very well.


 Some good readers follow a number of key strategies, whether they are reading a magazine or a textbook. Firstly, they create a wide range of mental and visual images as they read, to feel involved with what they are reading. Then, they use their background and relevant prior knowledge before, during and after reading to enhance their understanding of what they are reading. They also make and ask questions before, during, and after reading to clarify meaning, make predictions, and focus their attention on what is important.


 Also some good readers infer and determine the most important ideas or themes, and distinguish between these and unimportant information. Next, they track their thinking while reading, to get the overall meaning. Finally, if they have trouble understanding specific words, phrases, or longer passages, they use a wide range of problem-solving strategies including skipping ahead, re-reading, asking questions, using a dictionary, and reading the passage aloud to “fix-up” their understanding.


 Readings is fundamental to success in life. It is that simple. Reading opens the door to virtually all other learning. You have to be able to read to learn mathematics, science, history, engineering, mechanics, political science, not to mention to surf the web or figure out how to operate that new device. Basically, you have to be able to read to succeed.


And in future, when we become parents, by doing to reading to own child, sharing their thinking about what they read, and telling their child stories, they can help develop the foundation needed for children to become good readers. And learn that reading is not chore but a lifetime adventure.





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